Friday, March 5, 2010


Hello class:

During the last few years more and more 3-D films are released, taking the film industry to a whole new direction.

What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of such a change?

3-D televisions are currently on their way to replace “old-fashioned” TV sets and enhance one’s visual experience. It is interesting to witness this transition from the old to a new innovative tool.

Certainly the wide release of 3-D films is mean to ease this transition while increase demand.

It will be very challenging to resist to this change and see how long it will take until everyone feels as if this new tool is essential.

Is the attraction of 3-D the fact that one is now at the center of the movie? Could this be another on-demand effect, perhaps?

What are your thoughts?

Margaret M. Roidi

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  1. I myself think there is quite a bit of difference between being at the center, and 3D. But my eyes are too uneven for me to enjoy 3D very much. So maybe I'm the wrong person to comment on this.