Saturday, February 20, 2010

Access and control copyright, property, and technology

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With progress of the Internet, there are more new media than before, we can read e-books or e-magazines online. Especially, when Apple offers the new produce --- iPad, (If you still don’t know what iPad is or what the functions IPad have, you can click this link --- “, it is a Demo Video of iPad) that means new technology is coming. Also, few days ago, the Wired magazine announced they will cooperate with Adobe, and have a new produce --- “Wired Reader, it is a new reading software. (Let’s check out the video --- ) According to those information, we can feel e-books or e-magazines is a tendency now.

However, the other thing that we have to face is how can we protect the copyright, property, and technology when we enjoy the technology? Today, it is very convenience for us to download MP3, e-books, and e-magazines. The copyright seems not so important and be respected. People also can copy other people’s idea from their blogs or websites. In addition, we can not forbid people download any files illegal. People can share anything that they like on the Internet. Even it is illegal, and you might be in jail when you do this, there are still a lot of people do it. In my opinion, new media as e-books or e-magazines, this is a tendency and it can work, but it should have a complete way to solve the illegal problems. We should find a balance between new media and copyright to make sure we can not lose the original meaning.

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  1. We'll talk about this at our next class, but it's worthwhile to keep in mind that copyright didn't exist until well in the typgraphic era in the west.