Saturday, February 20, 2010

Risk and the Internet

Hi, Class,

After I finished Risk and the Internet by Zimmer and Hunter, I think this is a hot and important issue today. The interest brings a lot of benefits to us, but we can not ignore what the negative effects might cause.

As we know, there are many new functions on new media. We can know what friends did and friend’s information through new media, such as Facebook, and Twitter. However, it is a tendency and people are crazy for it, so there are many new websites have similar functions and want to attract people.

First, I want to share some interesting websites. 1. “foursquare” ( This is a popular website now, you can share where you are and use your cell phone to check where your friends are. It also adds some game when you use this function. 2. “please rob me” ( It is a new website, and it is very easy to use. You can follow where your friends are in this website. It connects foursquare. 3. Sponty ( You can discover local social events through taste makers. You can invite your friends to go any events or parties by this website.

Second, after share those funny websites, I want to discuss the risks behind those websites. When we use those websites, we can have fun, and enjoy the network. However, it includes some risks. For example, when you share where you are on the website, it might be cool and fun for you. But if someone who has a bad idea, he might use this point to do something bad. Something when we leave home, we will turn on a small light to pretend there is someone still at home. But now, you post the status to tell everyone, you are not at home. It might cause a thief comes to your house to steal. Or you earn a big money form lottery, you are so happy to share this for all of your friends, and then it might make robbers want to rob you!

Third, when you register a website, you have to leave all information about you, such as your name, your telephone number, your address. There is no body can promise those information will not be leaked. We should protect our privacy and be careful when we have to leave our information on websites. There are so many risks when we use the Internet, so when we enjoy the Interent, we also have to take care the risks it might happen.


  1. I worry about my children and how they are being protected when they are on websites and also for thier privacy. There are a lot of interactive sites for kids, that are linked to other chidren. There is really no way for me to tell who is on the other end .Great post....

  2. Privacy is over, but the risks raised by are quite real!

  3. Internet covers full of world even children. Everyone know that the main reason is it leads to increase more disease. I feel that this is the main reason. So parents plz aware of your children.