Friday, February 26, 2010

Let new media to be your tools

As we know, the usage of technology is growing. The changes are unbelievable. People can use a cell phone to surf the Internet. They can access any updated information that they want to know immediately, such as stocks, news, and videos. Modern people rely on technology because technology is more and more convenient and plays an important role in our life.

And we call the technology is new media. It is a tendency now. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are really popular, even Barack Obama the President of United States uses it to announce his message. He is the first president of the United States who uses Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to show what his politics are on those websites.

New media is a new way if you want to influence on people, especially young people. People use technology every day, everywhere, at every monument. “New media” is just a general term, all applied to new technology. The advantage of new media is that it can communicate without borders, spread the message very fast, and the influence people beyond imagination. If people can make good use of it, then they can get the feedback.

There is an excellent example that I want to share. Does everyone know who Colbie Caillat is? She is a singer from California. I do not want to interduce her too much, but she is a really good singer. She is young (born in 1985) and she can sing very well. In the beginning, she just put her demo on Myspace and shared to people. Because she is really good at singing, she got a chance to become a singer and was published her personal album. Now she is a famous singer and she can show her talent as she wants. That is why I believe social networking sites can help people get reach their goal as you think the same way. In the end, I want to share Colbie Caillat website, if everyone has interest can click it. Her songs are really good!!!

So let's use new media well, and let it be our tools to benefit us!

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  1. There certainly is a benefit, and for so many more who will not be so successful, at least they can express themselves and find whatever audience there is for what they do.