Saturday, February 13, 2010

Online Education Unbound

Hi, Class:

After I finished reading “Communication and Cyberspace”, the most interest article that makes me want to share my opinion is "Online Education Unbound" by Paul Levinson. And our class, ” Understanding New Media ” is kind of online class. For me, I like online class. There are several reasons can explain what I prefer online course.

First of all, it is a new way of communication. For me, I like to try anything special. Online education is a new tendency, I believe that it will be more and more common in the future. In my country, I always follow the traditional education style. Everytime I have to go to classroom and face to face to teacher. I can not say this style is not good for students. But there are many different students, we can not make sure they all fit the same teach style. This is my first time to enjoy online education, I just want to say “so far so good”. I can use my free time to post new articles and discuss with Professor or classmates. Also, I can get the points from not only Professor but also my classmates. Sometimes, I can not learn those many points from face to face class. I like this way to communication, and I also can learn how to communication online.

Second, it is very convenience. I can use my time well than before. Also, I can learn more information when someone posts messages on the blog! I can update when I have free time and check any new article. However, I think not only me but also some specific groups can get benefits from online education, such as disability or people who live in secluded place. Because of new media, those people can learn more knowledge than before. I think new media really change our life today. I feel zero distance when I enjoy online course. I can share my ideas without embarrassed, and I can get other feedbacks easily and directly. I feel I have more chances to communicate to other classmates and feel more understand what they think by this way.

Of course, one coin has two sides. I believe online education has its negative way. However, everything depends on how you think of it. New Media is a reformation today, we should try to accept and enjoy, no matter you are interest or not. Just try it, and feel it, and we can fix the negative effects and let new media to be better.


  1. When I was first introduced to the online course, I felt worried since I was used to always meeting in the classroom. Of course, going to the professor during office hours are fine, but what about a face-to-face conversation? However, suppose you have work on the day of your class. You won't miss out on anything given in class.


  2. Can you say more about the negative effects, then?