Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Virtual Reality & The Illusion of Safety

Hello class:

I was reviewing the essay “Back to Plato’s Cave: Virtual Reality” when I thought how much we all invest in “enriching” our virtual selves.

The risks of opening up in real life have apparently led people to surround themselves by a protecting shield, recreating reality online. At times, we might not have a choice about our environment and the people surrounding us, however, the tools of the virtual world definitely reflect our aspirations and needs.

In this essay the following quote states the attractive nature of letting go of reality and indulging into a world of fantasy. “In a way, virtual reality provides a perfect existential world, in which we can exercise free will and make any number of decisions, however extreme, without the Kierkegaardian “dizziness of freedom” and the underlying anxiety of accountability,” (108).

Who would not find this world fascinating and intoxicating? The media continue to adjust to our needs as they create further demand for tools we might have previously rejected. The truth is that as more people begin to develop fully their virtual self, a false sense of security will continue to dominate the virtual world.

Margaret Maria Roidi


  1. There is a great sense of empowerment that is associated with much of the new media, but you are quite right that it is not without its costs, and reality has always been characterized by limits and constraints.

  2. Anyone can post a blog on the Internet directed at a celebrity or an athlete. If the blog is trying to attack him/her, he must kill the story at the point of attack.


  3. I think the major problem is that individuals are developing their "virtual self" without realizing it, or fully understanding what the consequences are. Generally, I do not think people examine themselves in the true scope of Cyberspace like we all have been in this course. I don't think people think twice about it, because why should they when they feel so powerful? Technology is now a symbol of wealth. How often does someone question the value of money?

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