Sunday, February 21, 2010

New New Media

I believe that New New Media is clearly the way to go for everything. These sites open up the world to unlimited opportunities and this makes them even more appealing. The popularity they may give you is unimaginable. For instance, the United States president, Barrack Obama, accounts most of his landslide win to his New New Media pages where he was able to gain a humongous following. Another example is the “Obama Girl,” who became a popular icon; her video may contributed to the increasing number of voters, especially the group under 30 years of age (59).
Discussions are another feature of New New Media and you will get to join several of them. Here, you can voice your opinion on many different forums and this I always find so insightful. I also feel that these pages are “teachers” in their own right because you get to learn so much and they also invoke creativity. A person can create a new hobby where he or she customizes their pages and they could just be headed to becoming a graphic designer out of this newly found hobby!
Another aspect of New New Media that it comes with privacy details that ensure that your personal information is restricted. They have options on who you would like to view some of your information. However, everything good has its bad side and New New Media is no angel. People have been stalked and sexual predators have struck on vulnerable users. Levinson mentioned that the U.S. Bureau of Justice 2009 reported that “3.4 million persons identified themselves as victims of stalking during a 12-month period in 2005 and 2006” (173). I strongly believe that security and privacy is a personal responsibility and setting the right measures on your page is something that one has to do.

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  1. Of course, many of the interactive and social aspects of "new new media" were present in the earlier forms of "new media" like email, listservs, bulletin boards, etc.