Thursday, February 25, 2010

Essential or Entertainment?

Ok so I was just perusing the internet for awhile while being in snowed in and I started to think about the new/new new media world we live in. Something occurred to me. Everyone says that the new new media offers information and connectivity and many other different essential kinds of perks to the user. I began thinking about how much of the time we use the new new media strictly to keep ourselves entertained. With the glut of new gadgets we have such as cell phones, blackberries, ipods, and wireless internet virtually everywhere, we are always connected. It seems as though most of the time we are not using these technologies for information gathering or anything essential but merely to pass some time.

How many times do we get stuck on busses or waiting on lines somewhere and the first thing we do is to whip out a phone and start surfing through internet pages. Even though we say its for more useful purposes, the constantly available new new media just keeps us busy most of the time. I would venture to say that the amount of media at our disposal and on-demand lifestyle has, to a large degree, made society incapable of not being entertained for extended periods of time and additionally has most likely cause the spans of our atention to suffer. Anyone have any thoughts?


  1. I see that everywhere now, Angela. Often times you never see someone just relaxing, alone, waiting. They use their cellphones or devices as a crutch, maybe not to feel or appear to be so alone.

  2. Isn't entertainment essential? Our attention spam has undergone a significant transformation, which does not necessarily flatter our sense of judgment.

    However, we are all part of it. We create the demand and accept the changes without a fight.


  3. As technology evolves, the hardware gets smaller but the programming language becomes more sophisticated. Essential items include the e-mail, so that you can ask a teacher how to do an assignment. We are becoming slaves to technology and eventually, machines might rule the world. That is similar to some science fiction movies, including the Matrix.

  4. Entertainment remains one of the main functions that we seek out. On the one hand, we remain in danger of amusing ourselves to death, as Neil Postman warned. On the other, play is central to human nature, as is social interaction.