Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New New Media

It is amazing how technology has changed dramatically over the last few years. This course has utilized "new new"media by having the students post blogs on the readings and making comments about other postings. This is similar to what I did in the Global Challenge course, where I received an assignment 'virtually', and made a 'virtual' post. I utilized 'new media'. Making comments on others is 'new new media'. Levinson is correct when saying, "Blogs in the new new media world can be written anytime, night or day, at the drop of a hat or an event"(p.2). I may be at work during the day, but when I come home at night, I can post a blog about any event in the news, including Tiger Woods' apology. Everyone has a unique preference in choosing what medium works best for them.

Youtube is a good example of 'new new media'. Compared to other media, Youtube is free. There is one disadvantage about 'new media' or any electronic media. The news stories posted on AOL may change instanteneously. Printed media, coming from a magazine or newspaper, doesn't change in its form. The user might not see the same story on a 'new media' moments later.

"So the unique aspect of new new media, though crucial, is not unique enough to new new media to warrant our use of the terms interchangeably" (p.4). As technology evolves, the programming language, or software, becomes more sophisticated while the hardware is smaller in size than its predecessor.


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  1. But what makes YouTube a breakthrough is that everyone can upload videos there, not just watch for free.