Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The information from youtube

Youtube has enabled everyone to do a videorecording of themselves or a TV show and place it on the Internet. Videorecording has been around for roughly 100 years. People could put a recording on YouTube, and it can generate millions of views instanteneously. This is unlike older media, where if you go to a theatre to see a movie, the attendace could take several days to reach a million figure for most movies.Similar thing with videos or DVDs. It usually takes hours for the production to reach one million copies sold. Unlike a DVD, where each film has one production, Youtube has an infinite amount of productions that the user can view with just a few clicks of a button. The similarities are with Youtube and a movie store, certain productions are displayed and eventually taken down. Others that have been taken down may be redisplayed to celebrate its anniversary. Another difference etween youtube and previous media is that people can see Youtube for free, while you would have paid for a video, DVD, or to see a movie at a theatre.

"Its trademark, along with the Youtube logo, is 'broadcast yourself' (p.58). However, Youtube would not be around today if there were no loder media. Most productions you see on Youtube involve video recordings or television broadcasts. Any new development of media derives from older media. A production aired on Youtube can be aired anywhere in the world and in any language. The television industry is trying to keep up in its trend by offering programs from other countries via satellite. The digital word can reach anyone in the world instantly, while the spoken word could only be heard by a number of people.


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