Monday, February 15, 2010

Psychological effects due to cyberspace

Hello, Class:

"This is the essential note of cyberspace: people controlling devices through computers that give them the feeling of feedback as if the devices were parts of their own bodies"(p. 48). When you type an essay onto Microsoft Word, letters appear on the screen as if you were writing it on paper with a pen. Whenever you click on the Internet explorer icon, you will get today's news virtually compared to placing quarters into a machine to get a newspaper. People sit down in chairs, and it is an extension of our bodies. We act like if the legs on the chair are our actual legs. The cyberspace is today's new media, which refers to the evolution of new technology. The physical object of the medium is the hardware, and the programming instructions is the software.



  1. Some of the talk these days is about wearable computing technology.

  2. That is crazy to think we will have wearable technology someday or do we already have some kind on form of it? The "patient chip " is for patient's ,the chip is inserted into your skin ,it holds all of your medical information in it ,and can be read in your local ER .