Thursday, February 18, 2010

The trend of communication

Hello, class,

Over the last 25 years, technology has brought huge changes in communication. Today new media, such as e-mail, cell phones, and the Internet play an increasingly important role in our lives. I think we have to find out the importance of balance.I found an interest article can connect this topic. Please read the following article, "Thx for the IView! I Wud ♥ to Work 4 U!! ;)

Now I want to share my opinion after I read this ariticle .

Nowadays, the function of communication technology is improving a lot. The change is huge and unbelievable. There are so many communication tools that we can choose to contact each other. However, communication becomes easier than before. People want to be fast, short and clear when they try to communicate to others. They do not want to waste time and want to send message as soon as possible. With the following article “Thx for the IView! I Wud Love to Work 4U!! ;)", we can see the communication problem on young people. They use easy and simple words or abbreviation, emoticons to communicate on people, even the situation is serious. This issue is a global issue, it happens everywhere. I can see the situation happen in my country---Taiwan, too. I think we have to face this problem, and figure out the way to solve it. That is why I agree with the perspective of the hiring managers. I do not believe it is the technology revolution that we have to adapt to the emerging trends.

Now many young people use abbreviation in real life. Sometimes, when they write assignment in school, they still use abbreviation. It is a serious issue that we have to face it. We should tell what situation is formal or not when we use abbreviation.

The following link talks about when you can use abbreviation. We can know when is the appropriate timing to use abbreviation to avoid mistake.

“When to Use Online Chat Acronyms and Abbreviations”

If you guys have any opinions after you read my article, please feel free to let me know.


  1. Thanks for the interesting material, but could you please enable the links for them? This relates very much to Judith Yaross Lee's article on the codes of cyberspace, perhaps you could tie them together?

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