Saturday, February 20, 2010

New New Media

New New Media has taken the world to a whole new level. I think that this is the best thing that has ever happened to the internet world. Social networking has got a refreshing new start with tools such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace among others have clearly come to change our lives. I believe that the highest majority of people are using these tools and this has brought the world to our feet, literally. Through New New Media, We are able to go through millions of blogs on any subject and these give a great insight and we get to know what is in and what is out. These sites are home to everything you can think of. Take for example businesses are performing much better since they have a larger audience who are potential clients. You will get information on the newest products and services and get to sample them as you compare the offers and read reviews. This makes it easy for the internet shopper to settle for the best bargains. Also, when it comes to companies, the blogs will readily give one the analysis. This has also been a source of employment for many people in this era of global recession which has led to companies downsizing thus leaving many people jobless. Getting facts in your fingertips about a company will help one create an interesting blog that is going to attract many visitors to the site. Moreover, I believe that with a tool like YouTube, marketing will be easy and the returns will be huge. For instance, YouTube shows its videos for free. This is an opportunity for business people to capitalize on such an offer and market their products with vigor. Advertising is generally expensive and using “Viral Marketing” through YouTube for example will definitely mean more profits for companies, as Levinson puts it “The unpredictable, wildly successful promotional engine of the new new media age” (70). As it is viewed globally, I believe that the target market reached will be large and this will account for more sales that will come forth.

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  1. A term that is often used is crowdsourcing, the idea being that the group can provide you with answers and advice in ways that are just as good, if not better than the expert. On the other hand, this has been referred to as "the culture of the amateur" so the one thing that is for certain is that the way we are doing things is changing.