Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook and Twitter on your TV?


I have noticed lately that the cable companies have been pushing this new "interactive media" for your televsion. Basically, if you get let's say Verizon Wireless as your TV/Internet provider, you can now have, and I quote, "instant access to Facebook and Twitter right on your TV!"

Here is a link to an article that explains it a little bit, and what the features look like.

Anyone have thoughts on this? I know that internet on TV has been around for a while but I think they are trying to turn your TV into a computer. Or perhaps cable is realizing it is loosing viewers to the internet...

-Jessica Vanacore


  1. well, what do you think? The term for this is "convergence" so by the same toke, television has been moving more and more to an "on demand" model where content is download to be watched on your schedule, rather than the broadcaster's. The addition of a social dimension to a traditional mass communication format will probably work best for live events such as political speeches, award shows, sporting events, etc., where people comment on the proceedings already, and it's just a matter of having it show up on the TV screen as opposed to your laptop or cellphone. For narratives that require more focused attention, say a motion picture or scripted TV series, I would imagine that this function would be less attractive.

  2. It seems as though everything really is becoming focused solely on the interent and what it provides. At the moment, there is an overabundance of gadgets that can get you onto the internet where ever you are and give you access to just about anything. Now, even the television is trying to provide the same services, but i dont believe that this would ever work as a viable medium to bring the internet to people. We live in an age of PDA's, blackberries' and laptops all of which can be transported with the user. The individual now requires thier information on the run. Though im not a fan of the "information on the run" trend having internet on the television (a non-transportable item) goes directly against what the pubic seems to be calling for.