Thursday, February 18, 2010


As we go back and forward with the concept of paper vs. paperless debate, I have just read an interesting article about new age e-vite craze. This new form of communication is eco-friendly and costs less, but does it have the same meaning in cyberspace? The article, “E-Invited to the Big Day”, appeared in the Bergen Record on February 17, 2010. The paperless post company is an online invitation service that has sent out more then 2 million invitations since April of 2009. They ask the question, are the traditional paper invitations disappearing? As per Erik Kent, the publisher of, the industry is now switching towards Facebook and e-mailing for invitations for upcoming parties. The paperless posts offer custom style, as well as being very interactive…once you press on the envelope icon, the invitation becomes alive with virtual graphics. Wedding planners state that the hand written traditional invite is more personal and it is a gift of time. “The choice of how we send a message is just as important as the message.”

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  1. I've heard it suggested that using electronic media may not be as green as it's made out to be. If nothing else, it does take energy to power our computers and forms electronic transmission.